You’ve finally had enough of your kitchen. The design is old, the appliances are ancient, you have maybe six square inches of counter space, the floor has grease stains a century old, and the cabinets are about to fall off the wall.

Time to remodel the kitchen.

Once you’ve made the decision to remodel you’ll be tempted to just contact one of KGR’s licensed remodeling experts and them take over.

But wait! Spend a few minutes writing down what exactly you want in your kitchen. Better space flow? A new island with a sink and faucet?  A refrigerator big enough for your  family? A stove with two ovens? Think about the areas you spend the most time and how you’d like those areas to work. How much money do you have budgeted?

Then choose one of KGR’s remodeling experts to share your ideas. Your KGR expert can show you new ways to arrange the appliances to free up space or discuss the design of new cabinetry so you’ll never have to risk all the pots and pans falling onto your head when you open the cabinet door.

You’ll also want to discuss costs. Have a realistic budget in mind, and be prepared for unexpected expenses and delays. No, your contractor is not trying to cheat you; it’s just that no one really knows what lies beneath the flooring or that the wiring was installed in the 1940s and could turn dangerous at any moment.

Be clear about your expectations and put those in writing in your contract. Be specific.

Contact KGR Contracting today. Good things take time, but before you know it you’ll have the perfect kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.