Never hesitate to ask for references from any contractor you’re thinking of hiring – and then contact them.  Most everyone will tell you honestly about their experience with a contractor.  

A good contractor will be glad to have you contact their clients. A not-so-great contractor will make excuses or will give you recommendations but then add that the references were bad or uncooperative clients.

Here are some questions to get you started; add more for your particular situation:

Was the work done well?  If not, did the contractor correct it or make excuses?

Was the final price the same as the estimate? If not, why?

How timely was the work performed?

Did the contractor insist on adding new work (and costs)?

How messy was the job, and did the crew clean up after themselves?

How long has the contractor been in business or done this particular type of work?

Don’t sign that contract or agree to an estimate unless you’re sure you’re hiring the right person.

At KRG Contractors, we always recommend licensed, bonded, and insured professionals (for free). And our contractors are always happy to give you references.  Check us out today!