So there’s hole in the roof. Or you need new carpeting. Or that bathroom faucet leak is driving you crazy.

Before you hire anyone to make repairs, do a bit of homework first that could save you a lot of money and aggravation.

Are professional contractors required to be licensed in your state/city? If so, is the person you’re planning to hire licensed?

Is your contractor insured? Accidents happen, and your homeowner’s insurance may not offer you as much protection as you think.

Check your local Better Business Bureau for unresolved complaints.

Then, when you’re ready to make that call and meet the contractor, pay attention. Did they arrive on time? Do they cheerfully agree with everything you say, even when you suspect you might be wrong? Are they reluctant to put an estimate in writing? Do they spend more time talking about other clients than about your problem?

These are all warning signs you need to pay attention to.

KGR Contractors have already done a lot of this work for you. Our contractors are licensed and insured (but feel free to ask anyway).  Check us out today!