When I bought my first house I knew it needed exterior painting. So I trotted on over to the good paint store and told them what I wanted in terms of color and coverage.

The salesman asked if I had washed house yet. I confess I laughed in his face. Did he think I was so stupid that I’d go around washing the outside of my house?

Actually, I was the stupid one, once he explained to me the value of washing your house.

Your house sits outside in all kinds of weather, collecting dust and dirt and often bits of mold. It’s filthy. If you paint over the dirt the paint won’t adhere as well as it should, and you end up wasting money and having to repaint sooner.

So hire yourself a power washer contractor. Our power washer folks have the right equipment and experience to scrub your house to its near original state of cleanliness.

Then, your painter will have an easier time of the work, the color will more closely match the color it’s supposed to be, and the paint job will last a lot longer – saving you money and aggravation.

We have several great power washer contractors. Find them here (for free).