Contractors have gotten a bad rap because they frequently have to charge more for unexpected things or because they tend to start a job and then vanish for weeks at time – leaving the customer confused and angry.

Here are some ways to show that you’re one of the good contractors.

Be scrupulously honest with your estimates. Your clients won’t appreciate being given the low-ball cost when in reality the work will end up costing twice as much. It is not always true that homeowners only choose the cheapest estimate; the smart homeowner knows that quality costs a little more but pays off in the long run.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Tell your client why his choice of cabinets won’t fit the wall space, and be prepared to offer practical suggestions.

If you say you will have one of your employees start the work on Monday, be sure that employee is scheduled and actually shows up to begin the work on Monday.

Make sure all your employees know what’s going on with the client’s remodeling project; this helps avoid misunderstandings and confusion.

Technology can help you and your employees keep things organized during a remodeling project. A good project app can keep you on track.

When your client calls, either answer the call immediately or call them back as soon as possible. Not returning calls will make your client angry and frustrated, which will make your job that much harder.  Worse, your client will tell all their friends who are thinking of having some work done on their house.

You’ll find that your clients are a lot more reasonable if you keep them in the loop about what’s happening or not happening to their remodeling project. A two-minute phone call can save you weeks of confusion and mistrust.

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