Between the phone calls from clients, vendors who can’t guarantee their delivery makes it on time, and that threatening weather report, you’re always worrying about the next job – the next project you don’t have lined up yet.

You’ve got to meet payroll, adhere to regulations, and maintain standards. A lot of people depend on you. A long dry spell of no work can crush the confidence of even the best contractor.

Let KGR take that worry off your hands. We provide you with leads that have already been screened and are waiting to hear from you and no one else but you. If you’ve tried other lead services, you know those leads are sent to several contractors, forcing you to compete against other contractors – maybe even some of your colleagues. You’re basically throwing away your hard-earned money for worthless leads.

You work hard. Let KGR Contracting work hard for you, so you don’t have to worry about the next job.