Those Pennies Count

Everything is getting more and more expensive these days. Just when you think you’ve got your business budget worked out and showing a livable profit – wham! Here comes another increase.

Contracting is a competitive business, and sometimes just a matter of a few dollars can make the difference between winning or losing that new contract.

So how can you cut the budget without cutting necessary expenses?

One way is to carefully examine those tiny expenses. Are you stocking gourmet coffee for the office staff?  Supplying expensive ink pens when cheaper ballpoint pens will do as well? Have you gotten new printing quotes lately from several print shops? Is there a more economical source for those appreciation baskets you send to your best clients? Are there ways to make your advertising dollars go farther?

Those small increments may not seem to make much difference, but they do.

Of course, bringing in more business is the best way to help that bottom line. That’s where KGR Contracting comes in. We’ve got the exclusive leads you need for new clients – without having to share those leads with every other contractor in town.

So after you’ve got your contracting budget in shape, contact us for new clients to help grow those numbers.