Every contractor could use some good publicity. Believe it or not, there are many ways you can get good publicity for free.

In nearly every community there are projects such a Habitat for Humanity or other organizations that provide free or very affordable housing. In each of those instances, the organizers are thrilled to advertise the contractors and vendors who donate materials and time.

Another way to get great free publicity is to go on television or radio and give a minute or two of free advice about a common homeowner problem or answer questions from homeowners about being prepared for storms. Contact your local media station to find out when they offer free time for community news.

Consider working with a colleague in a complementary construction field to sponsor a contest or donation event. If you specialize in flooring, for example, team up with a drywall expert.

Sponsor a give-away by offering a prize in a local contest. By having your name and contact information prominently displayed on the item, homeowners will soon begin associating your name with good things.

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