Social Media Marketing can be another great way to generate leads directly and to drive traffic to your website. There are a number of social media outs including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Once again, we don’t want to lose focus on what you are trying to do here.

You are trying to drive leads for your construction business and project a professional image.

You are not trying to become an authority on all possible forms of internet marketing.

With that in mind, our recommendation is to focus on the biggest player in the social media world – Facebook – and have a simple strategy to build a presence there. Worry about all of the other ones later – or never.

Just like Google has completely changed the advertising world and how people look for products and services, Facebook has changed how we stay in touch and relate to one another.

Unlike Google, people don’t usually go to Facebook to look for a product or service.

However, people do spend a tremendous amount of time on Facebook and feel like they have a relationship with the people in their network.

If you position yourself properly you will be able to stay in contact with a large number of potential customers – for free. What’s better, these people know you, so it’s more like a referral or a warm lead when you go on the appointment.

So how should you approach Facebook?

Staying with the theme of keeping it simple, here’s your step-by-step model for how to use Facebook to promote your business.

1. Open a Facebook account and create a personal profile. If you don’t already have a Facebook account you need to open one – it’s free.
2. Create a “Page” for your business. Facebook profiles are for personal use and you are only allowed one profile per user. You can always recognize a profile page if you see the “friend” option. Facebook pages on the other hand were designed to be used for businesses and you can create as many pages as you like. For example let’s say that your business has two divisions – commercial and residential – you could create a page for each. You’ll know you’re on a Facebook page if you see a “like” button. You can design this page using much of the same content and pictures you used on your website.
3. Start gathering friends on the personal side and “Likes” for the page. Facebook allows you to have no more than 5,000 friends. Once you reach 5,000 you’ll simply be unable to accept new friend request. However, Facebook pages allow an unlimited number of “likes”. This is one of the many reasons you want to use a page and not a personal profile to promote your small business on Facebook. Remember the more Fiends and likes you have the more people will see your message.
4. Interact with your friends and followers. One thing you don’t want to do is only put marketing messages out. You want to interact like most other people. Then start to mix in reminders about your services, or ask if people like a new update to your website. Don’t constantly broadcast you message, just mix it in with normal interaction – this is very important – otherwise you will lose friends and followers.

Facebook is an ongoing process to build and stay in touch with friends. Don’t expect results overnight, but if you stick with it you will see new business from Facebook. Also, remember to have some fun with it!

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